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Alternative publishing solutions

Established in 2021 as an independent micro-publishing enterprise, hogsaloft offers a platform for innovative and serious non-fiction work that risks falling by the wayside given the commercial criteria of the major publishing houses – the usual requirement that authors be either academics or celebrities. 


We also believe that mainstream publishing seriously undervalues the creative importance of the author. In no other industry would the originator of a work be paid less than 10% of the retail price of the product. In our view an author should expect to receive 30% of the retail price as a bare minimum. 

Our initial offering is SPEECH! How Language Made Us Human by Simon Prentis. Simon’s remarkable career as an interpreter, translator and producer has put him at the sharp end of language and culture for nearly four decades. We believe his insights into how language began, what it did to us, and where it now takes us are a key contribution to understanding what it means to be human. 

And we’re not the only ones:

“I think you’re right.”

Professor Steven Pinker (The Language Instinct)

“Crisp and clear – I agree with your hypothesis.”

Desmond Morris (The Naked Ape)

“I couldn’t stop reading it... this book should be widely read!”

James Lovelock (The Gaia hypothesis)

“Bravo! A compelling read.”

Yoko Ono Lennon (artist and peace activist)

Online reviews have been equally enthusiastic:


“A truly fascinating read.”

“Almost reads like a thriller.. I’ve read many good books in the last few years and this one is at the top of the heap.”

“Delightfully iconoclastic.”

“Entertains on many levels… I found something new and interesting on every page.”

“My read of the year by far.”

"Simon Prentis has clearly spent a lifetime in the field, and this comes through strongly."


"A brilliant tour-de-force.”

“Read it… you will learn and be amused in equal measure.”


For further details, see the links below:

Podcast with the author

In-depth review

Author website






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